Garage Conversions

garage conversionsWhy convert the garage

A garage conversion can be a fantastic way to create more living space, add another bedroom or an office, or even earn some extra cash through rental income.  In many instances, there is a huge potential by converting the back of the garage into the front part of a new room which then offers great opportunities for closed in gazebo, pool cabana, games room or garden retreat etc.

When done correctly, the conversion of your garage is an effective way to extend your home without attempting costly extensions – because the structure is already in place for the builder to start working on.


Basic build requirements

So, how do you make your garage look like it was always a living space?  Unfortunately, too many converted garages look like garages that people have simply moved some furniture into.  To truly transform your garage into an integral part of your house you will need to consider such things as:

  • Raising the floor height
  • Fully insulating the walls and ceiling
  • Replacing garage doors with walls
  • Adding doors and windows
  • Installing power points and lighting fixtures

Depending on your intended use of the converted garage, you may also want to consider installing plumbing, additional lighting, interior walls and a ceiling or roof interior lining.

A K Contractors have a vast range of experience in all aspects of garage conversion and can help you make the most out of your garage conversion project. If required, we can save you the expense of engaging the services of an architect by providing the necessary plans and engineering to maximise the usable space, which means that even a small single garage can be turned into a useful, spacious part of your home.


Approvals & Permits

As is quite often the case, garages are close to boundary lines which can be a minefield of rules and regulations with your local council. AKC can offer their experience and assist with the council approval process, comply with all building regulations and ensure that your finished garage conversion looks polished and professional.


Increase the value of your home

With the help of a builder specialising in garage conversions, your garage can become a wonderful living or working space as well as adding value to your home. Statistics show that simply by adding another bedroom to a 3 bedroom home can increase the value by approximately 15%. This extra value not only comes from the fact that there is extra living space but also due to the extra increase in the rental value of a 4 bedroom over a 3 bedroom.


Keeping your car/s protected from the elements

In redesigning your garage, AKC allow for a single or double carport which will generally go in front of the existing garage. In conversions whereby the new frontal needs to be a visual point or entrance, there are many alternatives to place a carport elsewhere either attached or semi-detached from the dwelling. Plus of course, a vast range of designs allow for the structure to blend in with existing buildings and surrounds.