Suspended Ceilings


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Suspended ceilings are generally for the commercial sector in offices, showrooms and shops etc. and an ideal way to lower the ceiling height together with providing a perfect way to hide all those wires and cables. The versatility offers the ongoing option to always lift a panel for maintenance without the need for construction works.

In more recent times, trends are moving to the residential applications for such things as media rooms or home recording studios where a suspended ceiling can provide the acoustics required in the room. It is also a very economical option if you want to cover the original ceiling if it is no longer looking the best. Or maybe that old ornate ceiling is simply out fashioned by subsequent renovations to the home.

What are suspended ceilings?

A suspended ceiling is hung on a metal grid which is fixed to the existing ceiling joists. And as mentioned above, provides a cavity to hide new and/or additional plumbing, cabling, wiring, ceiling speakers, sprinkler heads and air conditioning ducting.

Panels are generally 595mm x 595mm to conform to the standard metal grid but if required, you can also get panels in 595mm x 1195mm and this will depend on your intended purpose and/or design plan.

Using insulated panels with polystyrene insulation, the radiant temperature of the room can be reduced by up to 90%. A suspended ceiling can assist greatly with noise problems and there are acoustic panels available in various options but keep in mind, the ticker and denser they are, the better the sound absorption.