Total Home Renovations


Current residential trends are showing that home owners are opting to renovate in greater numbers than any time in the past four years.

home renovation warrantyRenovate or Move?


This is a question that all home owners will ask themselves at some point.

There are various reasons why the question will arise. It may be that you have lived in your home for many years but now the layout design and some of the fittings are just not up to scratch. Or, you have a young family and are about to add another member, so you are thinking that you may have to buy a bigger home to accommodate the bigger family.  Or maybe the geographic location of your home close the sea is great but you can’t see the sea from your home and you have always dreamed of sitting in a new bathroom looking out the window to panoramic views of the ocean.

Whatever the reason, there are a number of things that need to be considered. Things like how you have built up friendly neighbours, you know where every service is within a close radius of your home, you know how and where the public transport operates, the kids are enjoying their school (and their friends), you are known at the local restaurant and appreciate the extra service you get as a local, and the park is nearby …. And you want to move because … why?  I think you get the picture.

Renovating your current home really gives you the best of both worlds - the convenience and functionality of a modern home to suit your requirements, and to be able to stay in the same place offering you the pleasure of staying close to work, schools, friends, family and more. In addition to that, unless you build new, the likelihood that will have to do some sort of renovations to whatever you buy is extremely high. Because after all, the reason you moved was to get a more suitable home .. right?

Before you race off a call all the real estate agents in your area, give Andy a call on 0414 750 038 and he can call around and have a no obligation chat, give you some ideas on how to achieve what you want/need and then you will find that you are now better informed to make the right decision. Move or improve.